View The Wolfeboro Historical Society Image Archives A collection of about 2000 historic photos in our collection. The photos are indexed, captioned and searchable, and a high resolution copy can be easily downloaded for personal use.

View the Wolfeboro Historical Society Virtual Tours site, in two parts. The first part shows a sample of exhibits in each of the four buildings in the Museum Complex. The second part is a group of road trips, showing sights in the Wolfeboro area. Included are State Historical Markers, Wolfeboro area markers, and sights you might enjoy by driving on lesser traveled byways.

History of the Establishment of Wolfeboro, NH (4/11/2016)
Seven Early Farms    Maps: 1  2  3

Wolfeboro From Settlement into the 20 Century (10/27/2017)

Wolfeboro Downtown Historic Walking Tour  Page 1    Page 2

Wolfeboro Downtown Historic Driving Tour (part 1 front)
Wolfeboro Downtown Historic Driving Tour (part 1 back)

Wolfeboro Downtown Historic Driving Tour (part 2 front)
Wolfeboro Downtown Historic Driving Tour (part 2 back)

A Rich Traditional Heritage of Cotton Mountain
A 57 page narrative history of the area and residents, originally written in 1937.
Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Cottonboro Homes
A map and owner's list from 1774 to 1981, with a conversion to today's address as of 2016.

Peripatetic Wolfeboro
A 38 page narrative of the early days of Wolfeboro, especially the many relocations of buildings, an example of Yankee Thrift, 1955.


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