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​June 4 - New Hampshire on High: Historic and Unusual Weathervanes of the Granite State

Glenn Knoblock presents a fun and engaging look at the historic and unusual weathervanes found on New Hampshires churches, town halls, and other public buildings from earliest times to the present. With a visual presentation of a sampling of the state's weathervanes, the program will trace their history, practical use and symbolism, as well as the varied types, methods of manufacture and evolution from practical weather instrument to architectural embellishment. 

Glenn is an independent scholar, has a B. A. in History, and is the author of 15 books and over 100 articles. This program will interest everyone, with special appeal to lovers of history, architecture and antiques.

June 23 - Barn Opening Gala - details TBA

July 9 - Benedict Arnold: Patriot and Traitor?

We all think we know the story of Benedict Arnold, the American Revolutionary War General who fought for the Continental Army, but then defected to the British. Recalled mainly as a traitor for his 1780 defection, Arnold had risked his life and fortune for American freedom in courageous exploits between 1775 and 1778, when the dream of independence was at its most fragile. As an officer in the Continental Army, he led American forces in desperate situations against the might of the Royal Army.

Presenter George Morrison has in B. A. in History from UNH, served 27 years as a High School teacher, and is a long-time researcher of American History. He will take you on a journey through New England, Canada and New York, tracing the complex story of this infamous American icon.

August 19 - Fundraiser: Reenactment of Historical Figures and their Autobiographies

Details will be added shortly.

September 10 - Flatlander in New England

Humorist Brendan Smith is a true "flatlander", having moved from glacially flattened Long Island, NY, to NH in 1985. After a number of years of adjustment, he spent 17 years writing about his adventures and misadventures for the Weirs Times and is now the Editor. His tongue-in-cheek articles included "Raking the Roof" and "A Day at the Dump", all new endeavors for flatlanders.

Among his accomplishments is starting the group F.A.T.S.O. (Flatlanders Adjusting to Solitary Oblivion), running for Governor under the Flatlander Ticket, and publishing his first book, "The Flatlander Chronicles". Brendan has entertained audiences throughout New England with witty tales of his early experiences in the Granite State.

Dates TBA - Downtown Wolfeboro History Walk

Dressed in period costume.WHS member Don Hargy will describe the sites and activities of Wolfeboro's early days as a popular tourist destination.The group will form at the picturesque and historic Wolfeboro Train Station at 10 a.m. where the "Man in Black" will lead his flock to building locations that were notable in past eras. The walk is free, and donations are much appreciated.

June 30 - Opening day - Open House - Free to all visitors.