WHS Events
                  learn from the past, apply to the present


HERE'S A PREVIEW OF OUR PLANS FOR 2019 - (at the Barn unless noted)

MAY 18 - SPRING CRAFT FAIR AT TOWN HALL (Watch for details in the Granite News).

JUNE 10 - SPEAKER, DAVE MILLER on the development and route of the original Governor Wentworth
                  Road from Portsmouth to Wolfeboro. This route provided good access to the Wentworth
                  Mansion, which was intended to become the Capital Building of the Province of NH.

JULY 8 - SPEAKER, JUNE O'DONAL on medicines through time.

JULY 20 - WORKSHOP, Linda's Garden Flower Arrangement by Florist Linda Siracusa.

AUG. 5 - SPEAKER, KIM ALTOMARE on the Micmac Tribe.

AUG. 18 - HISTORICAL FIGURES TEA, reenactors present lives of famous characters.
                 Afternoon and evening performances. 

SEPT. 9 - SPEAKER, DAVE WARREN on the history of the 63 feet long SWALLOW, Lake
                 Winnipesaukee's most picturesque steam yacht, built circa 1890 in Boston. Moved to
                 Wolfeboro in 1897, the yacht had a long history in private and charter service, until finally
                 retired in 1973. 


NEW EXHIBIT - Display of historical documents from the late 1700's & early 1800's.

       - JULY 5 - JULY 20: Vintage Savings Banks.
       - JULY 24 - AUG. 10: Quilt Display.
       - AUG. 14 - AUG. 31: TBA.

(No charge for members for repeat visits to see these exhibits)

        July 4 at 2 pm (after the parade), Sat. July 13 at 10 am, Aug. 10 & 24 at 10 am.
          Dressed in period costume. WHS member Don Hargy will describe the sites and activities of Wolfeboro's early days as a
          popular tourist destination. The group will form at the picturesque and historic Wolfeboro Train Station at 10:00 am,
          where the "Man in Black" will lead his flock to building locations that were notable in past eras. The walk is free. Of 
          course, donations are much appreciated.