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 Wolfeboro Historical Society
  Keeping our History Alive for the Future
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                Mission of the Wolfeboro Historical Society
The objective of the Society shall be the encouragement of interest in the history of the Town of Wolfeboro, NH, by all appropriate means, including the collection, display and care of articles of historic interest pertaining to the history of Wolfeboro, and the ownership, lease or operation of property involved therewith for the benefit of this and future generations. (Source: Wolfeboro Historical Society by-laws, Article II - Objective)
          History of the Society
The Wolfeboro Historical Society was formed September 1, 1925 and incorporated August 31, 1926.  Its by-laws were developed by J.T. Meader, Miss L. Maude Cate and Mrs. Mabel Hatch and approved August 13, 1929. The Society has leased  the Clark House from the Town of Wolfeboro since July 7, 1927. In 1959 the Town gave the Society a lease on the Pleasant Valley Schoolhouse when it was moved to the Clark House grounds. The firehouse was added to the Clark House complex in 1982. Currently  the Clark House Museum Complex, consisting of four buildings with the recent addition of the Barn, is owned by the Town of Wolfeboro and is operated by the Wolfeboro Historical Society. A 2006 presentation by Jim Rogers to the BOS gained approval to reconstruct an antique 1840's barn on the property. The barn construction was completed and opened to the public on July 3, 2018. The Board of Selectmen accepted the donation of the barn from WHS to the Town of Wolfeboro on November 7, 2018.
 The Wolfeboro Historical Society maintains files on a variety of local history topics. These are available for use by contacting us as shown on  the Contact Us page. 

Our resources include:
        Copies of Bowers' History of Wolfeboro 
        Copies of Parker's History of Wolfeboro
        An extensive library on local history topics
        Approximately 300 file folders on various local topics
        Approximately 110 genealogy folders
        Extensive research on buildings and 
        homes in Wolfeboro
Officers:      President  Louise Horsken, Vice President Pat Hodder,    Treasurer Gene Denu, Secretary Joy Perkins
Directors:  Louise Horsken, Pat Hodder, Gene Denu, Joy Perkins, Barbara Krueger, Anita Bessette, Linda Siracusa,  Mike Frat.

Thousands of photos
A collection of glass photographic plates
A collection of postcards on Wolfeboro
Cemetery Records
Town Reports
Birth/Death/Marriage Records
The Clark House