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Items are on sale at the Clark Museum in July and August during normal hours.  
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 History of  Wolfeborough, NH
Written by Benjamin Parker and published in 1901, this 545 page history
gives great insight into the early families of the town, and how they blended
with summer visitors to create a unique culture
This 3 Volume work, written by Q. David Bowers extends the Parker History through the intervening years to 1994.
Carroll County Book
128 pages filled with photographs of "Old Wolfeboro" from the 1800's 
 A record of the trials and tribulations in bringing rail service to the Town 
Stories surrounding the Governor John Wentworth mansion                                                      
Around Dimon's Corner
History of a majestic tour boat that plied Winnipesaukee through the                 1900's by J. Gotthardt.

12"x18" Color print of Wolfeboro's "Hand Tub" Fire Vehicle   
20"x28" Plat view showing the location of businesses and homes in 1889
4x4" Note cards and envelopes with a drawing of the Clark House 
Adult Tee shirt Commemorating Wolfeboro"s 250th Anniversary
10 1/2" Plate with a Black&White print of the Clark House         
Post Cards of the Clark House

 History of Wolfeboro  
Images of  Wolfeboro    
Rails to Wolfeboro 
Saga of a Palace    





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The Swallow
Carroll Print     
1899 Wolfeboro Map   
Clark House Notes     
China Plate w/ Logo      
T-Shirt w/ WHS Logo       
Old Post Cards    
Places of Historic and Scenic interest in Carroll County
A History of North Wolfeboro
Unique American Legend Souvenir      Stamp/Coin Set combining NH's famous Old Man Stamp with a historic              $3.00
   (only available at WHS)                     coin (Indian Head Cent, 1943 Steel Cent, or Buffalo Nickel)